He appeared on an episode of Spike TV's popular "Bar Rescue.". During the filming I believe Make said he was in debt over $1 M. Whered the total $1.7 Million go! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); https://www.yelp.com/biz/chix-on-dix-detroit, https://www.facebook.com/Power-Strip-Detroit-903425543043810/, Peter's Italian Restaurant - Kitchen Nightmares. It will now reopen as Haymaker Public House, a name chosen from around 300 options based on its flexibility and sports connections. Advertisment Story continues below Though the Proving Ground Bar Rescue episode aired in November 2015, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that. Lol thats what happens when you get a pussy and a bunch of nasty dirty hoes working together, As manager and owner of a club i cant even begin to count all the mistakes made here, the only thing done somewhat right was the remodel. Mike remains changed and the environment is no longer hostile. It took them 45 minutes to take an order and 45 minutes for the food to come. If you cant invest in more than one costume perhaps taking your clothes off for money isnt the industry one should pursue especially if they can make more money working in an office. They come in and order cocktails but the bartender is restricted by some guards on the bottles that slow down her work. My home town. These women are supposed to be a fantasy, therefore, your moneymaker is your body. Management feuds led to customers and talent leaving the bar and there is now an unruly environment. "We're excited about finally moving into the permanent phase," Adams said. People are left waiting up to forty-five minutes for drinks with food coming out faster. The entertainers are disinterested in the customers. Darren, the general manager, is clearly struggling to make ends meet. I feel terrible for Mike and his family is easy to see why his negative attitude. The bar has two stations, a six draft beer system, three 2touch POS systems and new entertainers from Jon. Taffer took a softer touch with the bar owner of Jazz . She is also losing about $4,500 a month due to the bar struggling and Jon . He notedthe Bar Rescue team put a lot more thought into it, adding new lighting, furnitureand grass wallpaper (after a series of wall treatments) to soften the atmosphere. I would NEVER let Chuck back in the place after flipping that glass ware. The staff are made to clean the bar all day before their training starts. But I guess thats the difference between a SMART person and well. The bar closed after Chandra ran out of money and the bar was sold. Customers can make their drinks at the bar as Mike and his staff drink. The vodka soda tasted exactly It says on google that they are still open. Thank you for your wisdom Taffer, you made the Arena the lovechild of a T.G.I.Fridays and a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ann Arbor. ANN ARBOR, MI - First it was The Arena, then Curtain Call, and now the restaurant and bar located at 203 E. Washington in Ann Arbor is getting another makeover. To bring back those two terrible employees was a huge mistake. Flore must now pay $1.5 million, double the amount of taxes owed, in restitution. Spellcheck messed me up big time! Because Back Beat Piano Bar wasnt earning enough money to keep the lights on, they tried to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise the $7,000 needed keep the bar open and pay their owed money (because they were already behind on rent). Why dont ppl like Darren, Chuck and nasty ass Sweetie understand that they were just on an INTERNATIONAL tv show and the way they portrayed themselves can be seen by ANY potential employer, anywhere in the U.S. and then some?! This IS part of the entertainment industry and LOOKS and PERSONALITY count. Richard gives him sixty days to see if it will work. Renae gets back into training the girls to increase eye contact and on engaging with customers. Six weeks later, sales have declined but Darren has full control of the bar so he is optimistic he can turn it around. No wonder the place closed down. The Hooch Bar and Grill, later renamed to Proving Ground Bar and Grill, was a Dearborn Heights, Michigan bar that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue. It says he grossed over 200k in sales after Jon Taffer left. They bought the bar in 2003 and the first five years were successful. Obviously, the government didnt take too kindly to that, which is why they charged him with tax evasion. By. We're going to make it our own thing.". ", "Stopped in for an after dinner drink and to see the remodel after bar You are just a con man and a bad joke!! Swapping and buying. Ryan trains the staff on a burger that uses the ingredients and flavours of Michigan. , I was really rooting for her to make it successful bar she had a good heart and I actually like the new look and everything about it but a bar business is tough and you must stay on top of everything good food good drinks on a continuous basis all the same with keeping entertainment, John is a whole p*ssy because without security he isnt shit because what that bartender said I am a man first so f*ck him and his money because anywhere else John would get his head bassed in. Buy things off of other girls or even lend you for the time being. If youre not familiar with Michigan geography, Southfield is a northern suburb of Detroit, so its in quite a large metropolitan area. star and bar expert Jon Taffer cant fix them up. Six weeks later it is revealed they grossed over $220,000 in sales. It was Season 4 Episode 39 and the episode name was Unnecessary Toughness. After a lengthy interview process, Bar Rescue decided on the downtown Ann Arbor bar. Then after the music act finished they asked guests to move in order to set-up for a Caribbean party full of 20 something guys. But whats sad, is to know that all the efforts of Bar Rescue were in vain Loved it when Chuck tipped over the glass shelving. The stress test starts and the bar is dull and drinks come out slow. As of 2023, the old The Arena Ann Arbor, MI location is occupied by a new bar called Haymaker Public House. He gathers the staff at night to unveil the new bar that can cater to both students and alumni. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Back Beat Piano Bar / Jazz Katz in Southfield (Detroit), The Hooch / Proving Ground in Dearborn Heights (Detroit), https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-arena-ann-arbor-2, Peter's Italian Restaurant - Kitchen Nightmares. Roach is doing great at the kitchen with the burgers. All of us were From out of town and to be honest everyone was very very friendly. Chuck and Sweetie are both gone and Jon is confident they can finally get things in order. In the kitchen there is no bell to call runners so they have to do it vocally. He purchased the failing restaurant to convert it into a sports bar in 2001. The Arena is owned by Mike Flore who is a restaurant manager. The next day Jon meets with the staff and highlights how the standards have dropped. - CANDID, AUTHENTIC, AND BOLD. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Now that weve recapped the Power Strip Bar Rescue episode, lets talk about what happened to the club after Jon Taffer and his crew left Detroit, MI. Reality-TV Jon Taffer, a bar/nightclub consultant, and his team of experts offer their expertise, helping real bar owners "rescue" their failing establishments by overcoming challenges and possibly saving them from closing. IDEAL CANDIDATE PROFILE. The $10 cover charge was unexpected especially since I came to eat, buy food, drinks and enjoy band. "The Arena" bar to be reopened as "The Curtain Call". I also have to say that there was a huge issue with over serving. Great personality, super friendly and helpful with any questions or needs we had. You should have top qualoty girls beating your door down to pay YOU to dance there. Bar Rescue - Proving Ground Bar & Grill (The Hooch Bar Rescue - Off Base Bar (The Filling Station) Up Bar Rescue - Tim Owens' Traveler's Tavern (Rippers Great neighborhood sports bar!We stepped in and instantly felt a Legal Statement. Could have been a Gold Mine!! The bar is renovated overnight and they are gathered at night to reveal the new bar. Hell a good lawyer shouldve been able to convince a judge of less time using the bars success and the good faith payment as reason to be lenient. Under all of the pressure Chandra has become disrespectful to the staff and they in turn lost interest in doing their jobs. Runs Sapphirein Vegas. Back Beat Piano Bar, originally Jazz Katz, was a Southfield, Michigan bar featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue. The bar is owned by a former psychologist and her interfering family and lazy staff have caused the bar to fail. While there wasn't any official announcement of the closure, all of the signs point to . Bar Rescue is an American reality TV series that premiered on Paramount Network (formerly Spike) on July 17, 2011. (, A sign outside the bar says "new staff and new management." In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits The Arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The tired ugly strippers he brought in were a joke. She believes jazz is like a form of therapy for some people. Bar Rescue. Meshelle is the only one complimented because she had great interaction with customers while bartending. The food in the kitchen is also not appropriately handled by the staff, which you know Jon Taffer hates. In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits The Hooch in Deerborn Heights, Michigan. All comments are the opinion of the commenter and do not represent the opinions of the website owner. The business will reopen June 19 as the Haymaker Public House. Im sure hes the reason the bar failed despite Jons best efforts! The former bar owner will now serve a prison sentence between 24-to-60 months. I agree. Also tried the 6th Karen, the co-manager, begins arguing with Dre over drinks, which sets the bar back even further. While thats an admirable belief, you also need strong business skills to run a successful bar. The bartenders use the wrong tools and use their hands as covering. The quality dropped, and customers stopped returning. The bartender Xavion was great and personable. Jon says Chandra has a good team but she is not a good leader. Utilizing music to create routines or an act if you will. 50000 songs!!!! Jon confronts her and warns her once again not to insult her staff. That one chick wore that SAME damn pink bikini the entire week. Darren is required in several places and slow in making the food. Lisamarie trains the bartenders on making glow-in-the-dark drinks with a gin and tonic base. Jon is happy with how positive the environment is. Gross is all of the money that came in, while Net is what you have left after expenses and stuff. They say Mike creates a hostile environment that drives business away and that he makes employees uncomfortable. Yet step inside and youll enter a mini Henry Ford museum, complete with car seats (yes, real car seats with seat belts), old Ford blueprintsand classic photos of Mr. Ford himself. Those with spam links, offensive language or of an offensive nature will not be published. 3/5 because I can't base my review on a night they SLAMMED the bar for filming. The bar has also lost its identity as the bartenders show plenty of skin and people believe it is a lingerie bar. Jon shows footage of Chandra swearing and mouthing off and bartenders working naked behind the bar. All comments are the sole opinion of the commenter and are not endorsed by RealityTVUpdates. It showed on the girls they had. There are girls are in the bar and they are drinking. The next day Jon comes into the bar, and Vinny, the manager, is absent. Yeah the reason sweetie was crying in that episode was because her mother had just recently died, And the reason that girl wore the same outfit was sadly that was the best she could afford with no money. Since their appearance on the 2015 episode of Bar Rescue, The Arena has been rebranded to open as "The Curtain Call," which happened in late 2015. The foul-mouthed owner Chandra Phillips repeatedly calls her. With those ratings in mind, its probably no surprise what happened to Back Beat Piano Bar. She has to be a strong leader. Get a one piece! Jon tells her to think of her family and she should sell the bar in six months if she cannot stop taking her husbands money. Went here in a game day after the game to grab beers with some Buddies. The next day Jon meets with the staff and Darren is told how he operates the bar is not working. Whats more, Tamika is still struggling with communication with her mother, which means the bar is adding extra stress beyond the money troubles. Flore, who pleaded guilty to tax evasion in July 2015, was initially granted a delayed sentencing but allegedly quit cooperating with the state, according to Attorney General Bill Scheutte. "It's not a ton, but it will be pretty noticeably different," Adams said. Richard did not like it and put him on a very lean budget which Darren is finding it hard to work with. Mikes children get to see the bar first before they open for the relaunch. All rights reserved. Jazz Katz is owned by psychologist Dr Tamika Scott who had the dream of owning a Jazz club. The food was great, my compliments to chef. The dancers are more approachable and Renae is impressed with them. Itwill feature the transformation of Hooch Bar and Grill into the more stylish and auto-centric Proving Ground Bar and Grill. (. They say that flaming drinks are a liability and are disappointed about the steak dish that they got wrong so many times. Sweetie shouldve called in. But pretty woman draw more men. The door man was at the bar drinking more than he was at the door. Jon fills them in on the bar and its operation. In an interview with The Ann Arbor News that ran after the episode aired, Flore called the figure inaccurate and said he was egged on by certain producers. Previous episode - Jazz Katz / Back Beat Piano Bar and Cocktails Taffer and his team of industry experts understand the science behind a bar's success and spare no . This post was last updated in February 2022. well..that is what happens when you think you are above the law. The walk-in in the kitchen has bad food, it is dirty and there is mould growing in it. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. or redistributed. We ordered several dishes and nothing tasted good and the worst was the 26.00 seafood Mac and cheese, a huge mound of Mac and cheese with a few bites of shrimp. Has Bar Rescue been Michigan? The bartenders make mistakes and drinks are dumped. During the episode, Flore talks about being in the hole for $1 million with host Taffer but later recanted. Sad, really. I pray he returns safely and a new man as in positive to his family, I was surprised after reading about the closure of The Arena in July 2016. They put some brighter bulbs in and strapped some Michigan pictures on the wall and called it a day. In the six weeks after the Bar Rescue episode, The Arena grossed $220,000 in sales, which aint too shabby. He in turn brought in Chuck Whisnant to manage and recruit dancers but there is a high turnover rate. Ive always figured that a strip club was a license to print money. it which was like drinking siriacha water. It was listed for sale for $1 million before dropping to $500,000. Done right a strip club is a gold mine and if you can make it a successful date destination its a golden egg layimg goose. Dre begins fighting with a guest and starts to get violent. Better get checked for STDs from those sleazy bimbos. Prison life can sometimes have that humbling effect on people. He has them make drinks, and he assesses them along the way. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. If you want to see some more Michigan Bar Rescue episodes, you can check out these posts: All of those bars are also closed as of 2023, so Jon Taffer is 0/4 when it comes to rescuing bars in Michigan. Too cheap to get some decent girls in there. Good episode, but the fact that the manager brought both employees that were fired for like 100% good reason shows that he wasnt all that capable of being a manager of a successful business. Does Bar Rescue exercise due diligence and investigate their potential bars to assist? Chandra talks with the staff and relationships are mended. Though the Arena Bar Rescue episode aired in November 2015, the actual filming and visit from Jon Taffer took place before that. The decision was made to officially change the name of the business and start a small-scale renovation to get the place ready for the start of the University of Michigan football season. Jon sits with the last table to be served. These girls looked strung out on drugs. Didnt want to spend any time around the place. Sure a lot of dance wear can be pricey but you cant tell me that you cant afford to come up with a couple more outfits. The customers love the ambience, the food, the drinks and the beer claw game. Jon tries to motivate Tamika and suggests changing the theme to something more modern. They google the cocktail recipe and see they do not have the ingredients and go back to them to change the drink again. Chix on Dix is a Detroit . The specialty cocktail is just vodka and juice and the spies are disappointed. How do you expect to compete with places like Ashleys or heck even Buffalo Wild Wings with that kind of beer selection. But the remodeling didnt come easily. Im surprised nobody has pointed out the obvious: this was Jons biggest mistake in branding because Chix On Dix was the best name ever it explained perfectly where the bar was and what it was about. According to "Bar Rescue," the Arena, at 203 E. Washington, grossed $220,000 in food and beverage sales within six weeks after relaunch. There is a Piano centerpiece that is visible from anywhere. Your writing skills are so poor, that it completely distracts from whatever point you were trying to make. To me, he appeared to have a major chip on his shoulder, exuding a very cocky, narcissistic personality. Phil trains the new bartenders. Power Strip Tip: even if you arent stripper attractive, you can still attract with the right attitude. There is also a dancers drink that looks similar but with no alcohol so they do not get drunk. I mean, how fancy do you expect mozzarella sticks to be? Just an FYI, but I think you might be mixing up net and gross earnings. Now, in Oregon thats a big no no but not sure the rules in Michigan. Mike is so busy he brings drinks to the wrong table. If no effort is taken on their part, they get what they deserve such as these nasty comments. Ten weeks later it is revealed they grossed $22,692 in sales. I have never had such a bad experience. Bar Rescue is a docu-reality series featuring veteran nightlife expert Jon Taffer as he seeks to revamp and rescue bars on the brink. Not net, grossed! To help with that, Tamiki asked her parents to help her manage and run the Jazz Katz bar. The new chairs and tables are from East Coast Chair and Barstool. Chix on Dix, later renamed to Power Strip, was a Detroit, Michigan bar that was featured on Season 4 of Bar Rescue. Blah! I would be soooo ashamed and embarrassed Id I were ANY of the people who were in that episode (I mean the employees&owner from that bar of course)! Keith trains Roach on a new signature burger. The kitchen serves food but they do not care what state the food is in and Richard runs the food. - RECOGNIZED AUTHORITY IN RESTAURANT AND BAR MANAGEMENT. goalkeeper coach salary uk,

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