Actress Lana Turner was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress for her performance in the 1958 film Peyton Place, but she didnt win it. Measurements: Dress size: 8 Breast-Waist-Hips: 94-64-91 cm Shoe: 37-38 (7) Bra size: 34C Eye color: green Heigth: 1.60 mtr. [341] The Stompanato murder and its aftermath were also the basis of the Harold Robbins novel Where Love Has Gone (1962). [282][283] On October 25, 1981, the National Film Society presented Turner with an Artistry in Cinema award. Lana Turner is a Actress (celebrity). "[131], In August 1947, immediately upon completion of Cass Timberlane, Turner agreed to appear as the female lead in the World War II-set romantic drama Homecoming (1948), in which she was again paired with Clark Gable, portraying a female army lieutenant who falls in love with an American surgeon (Gable). In 1958, Lana was in the news because of her daughters connection with the Johnny Stompanato case. We have gathered all body measurements and statistics of Lana Turner, including bra size, cup size, shoe size, height, body shape, and weight. (96) scarlettstreet 2 yr. ago. [339], Turner has been depicted and referenced in numerous works across literature, film, music and art. Stompanato became suspicious when Turner would not allow him to visit the set and, during one fight, he violently choked her. This article is about the actress. [221] Her co-star Juanita Moore recalled that Turner cried for three days after filming a scene in which Moore's character dies. [34] She soon became a protge of LeRoy, who suggested that she take the stage name Lana Turner, a name she would come to legally adopt several years later. [54] The same year, she was loaned to United Artists for a minor role as a maid in The Adventures of Marco Polo. Turner soon joined MGM and appeared in her first MGM film, Love Finds Andy Hardy, alongside icons like Judy Garland. "Joan Rivers interviews Lana Turner". [174] Meanwhile, Diane was given a test screening in late December 1955, and was met with poor response from audiences. [171] After completing Diane, Turner was loaned to 20th Century-Fox to headline The Rains of Ranchipur (1955), a remake of The Rains Came (1939), playing the wife of an aristocrat in the British Raj opposite Richard Burton. 58 kg, 128 pounds. Lana Turner breast size is 33 in / 86 cm. Over the course of her nearly 50-year career, she achieved fame as both a pin-up model and a film actress, as well as for her highly publicized personal life. The physical allure is just as heavy when she looks at a headwaiter as when she looks at a hero. [101] Though she wanted multiple children, Turner had Rh-negative blood, which caused fetal anemia and made it difficult to carry a child to term. [293][294] In a press release, she stated that the cancer had been detected early and had not damaged her vocal cords or larynx. However, she doesn't look like a vamp. Finishing touches: "No dress, however startling, can stand alone," Lana said. ", 2023 - All Rights Reserved, Lana Turners Measurements: Bra Size, Height, Weight and More. 1.6 m, 5'3" (feet & inches) Weight. [188] While shooting the film the previous spring, she had begun receiving phone calls and flowers on the set from mobster Johnny Stompanato, using the name "John Steele". [27] Her mother worked 80 hours per week as a beautician to support herself and her daughter,[30][31] and Turner recalled sometimes "living on crackers and milk for half a week". [179][180] According to Cheryl, Turner confronted Barker before forcing him out of their home at gunpoint. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. That was a time marked by stiff competition between Hollywood divas. "[250] The role earned Turner a David di Donatello Golden Plaque Award for Best Foreign Actress that year. [78] MGM had initially cast Turner in the lead, but Tracy specifically requested Bergman for the part. Lana was last seen publicly at the 1994 San Sebastin International Film Festival in Spain when she was honored with her Lifetime Achievement Award. [29] Following her father's death, Turner lived for a period in Modesto with a family who physically abused her and "treated her like a servant". "[81], Turner was then cast in the Western Honky Tonk (1941), the first of four films in which she would star opposite Clark Gable. Turner left the majority of her estate to her maid, Carmen Lopez Cruz, who had been her companion for 45 years and caregiver during her final illness. [297], In September 1994, Turner made her final public appearance at the San Sebastin International Film Festival in Spain to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award,[298] and was confined to a wheelchair for much of the event. Cup Size (US) C. All body measurements and statistics of Lana Turner, including bra size, cup size, shoe size, height, hips, and weight. But it was just what I wanted to do. [317], Historians have cited Turner as one of the most glamorous film stars of all time, an association that was made both during her lifetime[318][319][320] and after her death. Indeed, there is cause for suspicion that they didn't even bother to think. By the time this one comes out, it will be almost three years since I was last on the screen, in The Three Musketeers. Lana graduated high school while working in MGM films in 1938. Find out down below! Body Measurements Table All body measurements and statistics of Lana Turner, including bra size, cup size, shoe size, height, hips, and weight. She had dark auburn hair, but n 1941, she displayed herself in platinum blonde for the first time in the film Ziegfeld Girl. [149] The first, Mr. Imperium, released in March 1951, was a box-office flop, and had Turner starring as an American woman who is wooed by a European prince. The song had English lyrics for the film. Cheryl Christina Crane (born July 25, 1943) is an American retired real estate broker, author and former model. Lana Turners breasts can be described as bigger than average. [193] Stompanato was not easily deterred, and over the course of the following year, they carried on a relationship filled with violent arguments, physical abuse and repeated reconciliations. [268] Lawrence Van Gelder of The New York Times wrote that the film served "as a reminder that Miss Turner was never one of our subtler actresses". In a role that allows her the gamut from tomboy to the pangs of childbirth and from being another man's woman to remorseful wife, she seldom fails to acquit herself creditably. The pair, per TCM, divorced shortly after. Singing sensation Madonna mentions Lana Turner in her popular song Vogue. [346] Turner has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6241 Hollywood Boulevard. Body size Breast 86 Waist 61 Hips 86 Appearance Vkontakte Facebook Twitter Pinterest Video Log in and Add video Similar celebrities LeBron James TOP 100 #5 Mercedes Lambre Weight: 110 lb / 50 kg Eileen Chang Age: 102 Malina Weissman actress Chief Keef United States "It's said in Hollywood that you should always forgive your enemies - because you never know when you'll have to work with them. [281] In 1980, Turner made her final feature-film appearance alongside Teri Garr in the comedy horror film Witches' Brew. [96], In July 1942,[97] Turner met her second husband, actor-turned-restaurateur Joseph Stephen "Steve" Crane, at a dinner party in Los Angeles. [284] In December 1981, it was announced that Turner would appear as the mysterious Jacqueline Perrault in an episode of Falcon Crest,[285] marking her first television role in 12 years. Lana Turner. Laura San Giacomo 34-D Laura Vandervoort ? Search for: Lana Turner Fansites. Multiple accounts have the ashes still in Cheryl's possession, while other accounts say the ashes were scattered in the ocean, but which ocean and location varies by the sources. [259] Premiering in September 1969, the series was given a major national marketing campaign, with billboards featuring life-sized images of Turner. In 1936, when Turner was 15, she was discovered while purchasing a soda at the Top Hat Malt Shop in Hollywood. These measurements are generally the ones recorded at the peak of their popularity. [120] Turner commented on her decision to take the role: I finally got tired of making movies where all I did was walk across the screen and look pretty. [64] In the midst of her marriage to Shaw, she starred in We Who Are Young, a drama in which she played a woman who marries her coworker against their employer's policy. In Follicles of the Rich and Famous a hairstylist who done her hair for one tv series commented: "Her posture and stance were such that you would think she was a model, yet she was only 5ft 4". [202] Turner and Armstrong later returned with two Scotland Yard detectives to the rented house where she and Stompanato were staying. [242] The film became the first in-flight movie to be shown on a regular basis on a scheduled airline flight when TWA showed it to its first-class passengers. [218], Turner has been noted by historians as a sex symbol, a popular culture icon[4][314] and "a symbol of the American Dream fulfilled Because of her, being discovered at a soda fountain has become almost as cherished an ideal as being born in a log cabin. [137][138] Turner's wedding celebrations interfered with her filming schedule for The Three Musketeers, and she arrived to the set three days late. [35][36][e] One version of the story erroneously has her discovery occurring at Schwab's Pharmacy,[39] which Turner claimed was the result of a reporting error that began circulating in articles published by columnist Sidney Skolsky. [246] The two married in June of that year at his family's home in Arlington, Virginia. Read on to learn some exciting details about Lanas career, measurements, family, and more. "[102], Turner returned to feature films with a lead role in the 1974 British horror film Persecution, in which she played a disturbed wealthy woman tormenting her son. [197] Their meeting was initially happy, but they soon began fighting. In January 1982, Turner reprised her role in Murder Among Friends, which toured throughout the U.S. that year; paired with Bob Fosse's Dancin', the play earned a combined gross of $400,000 during one week at Pittsburgh's Heinz Hall in June 1982. [158] A little over a week before the film's release in December 1952, Turner divorced her third husband, Bob Topping. In the coming years, Lana worked in many films portraying her as a hot teen girl. [22] In the mid-1930s, Turner's mother developed respiratory problems and was advised by her doctor to move to a drier climate, upon which the two moved to Los Angeles in 1936.[22][25]. [338] Turner has also been cited in scholarly discussions of women's sexuality. [98] The two eloped to Las Vegas a week after they began dating. She faced many struggles in her life and turned it upside down, establishing herself as a Hollywood icon. [218], In the wake of negative publicity related to Stompanato's death, Turner accepted the lead role in Ross Hunter's remake of Imitation of Life (1959) under the direction of Douglas Sirk. The flesh is the same. [64] The following year, she had a lead role in her second musical, Ziegfeld Girl, opposite James Stewart, Judy Garland and Hedy Lamarr. [154] The following year, she began filming her second musical, The Merry Widow. [277] Richard Christiansen of the Chicago Tribune praised her performance, writing that, "though she is still a very nervous and inexpert actress, she is giving by far her most winning performance". [311] The likeness was most evident in Peyton Place and Imitation of Life, both films in which Turner portrayed single mothers struggling to maintain relationships with their teenage daughters. [258], With few film offers coming in, Turner signed on to appear in the television series Harold Robbins' The Survivors. Lana Turner, original name Julia Jean Mildred Francis Turner, (born February 8, 1920/21, Wallace, Idaho, U.S.died June 29, 1995, Los Angeles, California), American film actress known for her glamorous looks and sexual allure. Child's father is her 2nd ex-husband, Stephen Crane. (104) "Even when wearing sweats she had jewelry," Crane wrote. [278][279][280] During this time, Turner was in the midst of a self-described "downhill slide". Lana has always acted hastily and been guided more by her own ideas than by any advance any studio gave her. She eloped with her first husband, bandleader Artie Shaw, on their first date when she was. Lana Turner had an acting ability that belied the "Sweater Girl" image MGM thrust upon her, and even many of her directors admitted that they knew she was capable of greatness (check out The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)). [8] John was 24 years old at the time, and Mildred's father objected to the courtship. [229] During this time, Turner's daughter Cheryl privately came out as a lesbian to her parents, who were both supportive of her. She had built a net worth of over$5 millionwhen she died! [312] Film scholar Richard Dyer cites Turner as an example of one of Hollywood's earliest stars whose publicized private life perceptibly inflected their careers: "Her career is marked by an unusually, even spectacularly, high degree of interpenetration between her publicly available private life and her films not only do her vehicles furnish characters and situations in accord with her off-screen image, but frequently incidents in them echo incidents in her life so that by the end of her career films like Peyton Place, Imitation of Life, Madame X and Love Has Many Faces seem in parts like mere illustrations of her life."[313]. He was replaced by Ricardo Montalbn. Her hands were trembling so she could barely read the script. The actress had throat cancer in 1992 due to excessive smoking, which reached her lungs and jaws. She is the vamp of today as Theda Bara was of yesterday. [148], In response to the poor reception for A Life of Her Own, MGM attempted to rebrand Turner by casting her in musicals. [121], The Postman Always Rings Twice became a major box office success, which prompted the studio to take more risks on Turner, casting her outside of the glamorous sex-symbol roles for which she had come to be known. Her next film, Imitation of Life (1959), proved to be one of the greatest commercial successes of her career, and her starring role in Madame X (1966) earned her a David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actress. "[4] Michael Gordon, who directed Turner in Portrait in Black, remembered her as "a very talented actress whose chief reliability was what I regarded as impoverished taste Lana was not a dummy, and she would give me wonderful rationalizations why she should wear pendant earrings. 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[9] She became "thrilled" by the ritual practices of the church,[9] and when she was seven, her mother allowed her to formally convert to Roman Catholicism. The first of those men was band leader Artie Shaw, with whom she eloped in Las Vegas in 1940 after their first date; the marriage. [114][134], In late 1947, Turner was cast as Lady de Winter in The Three Musketeers, her first Technicolor film. "[249] Kaspar Monahan of the Pittsburgh Press lauded her performance, writing: "Her performance, I think, is far and away her very best, even rating Oscar consideration in next year's Academy Award race, unless the culture snobs gang up against her. [241] The same year, she starred in By Love Possessed (1961), based on a bestselling novel by James Gould Cozzens. [130] Cass Timberlane earned Turner favorable reviews, with Variety noting: "Turner is the surprise of the picture via her top performance thespically. No, Lana Turner had captivating greenish-gray eyes, which acted in their language when Lana stood in front of the camera. "[121] It was her first starring role that did not center on her looks. The American actress was born in 1921 and was a popular pin-up model before deciding to delve into acting. Predictably, a nickname like that aroused attention, particularly among the male population. [206][207] The two began arguing heatedly in the bedroom, during which Stompanato threatened to kill Turner, her daughter Cheryl and her mother. [135][136] Around this time, she began dating Henry J. [256] According to Turner, Pellar (also known as Ronald Dante or Dr. Dante)[257] falsely claimed to have been raised in Singapore and to have a Ph.D. in psychology. [213], Though Turner and her daughter were exonerated of any wrongdoing, public opinion on the event was varied, with numerous publications intimating that Turner's testimony at the inquest was a performance; Life magazine published a photo of Turner testifying in court along with stills of her in courtroom scenes from three of her films. [22] At age three, she performed an impromptu dance routine at a charity fashion show in which her mother was modeling. [125][33] During this time, she also had romantic affairs with Frank Sinatra[126] and Howard Hughes, the latter of which lasted for 12 weeks in late 1946. Nevertheless, she insisted she would not give up her glamorous image. Lana Turner (AP) She may exude old Hollywood glamour, but Lana was known to kiss and telland often. [272] From 1976 to 1978, she starred in a touring production of Bell, Book and Candle, playing Gillian Holroyd. Later, when she had to move to Los Angeles due to her mothers poor health, she went to Hollywood High School. [52] Warner obliged, as he believed Turner would not "amount to anything". ", "I started off wanting one husband and seven children, but it ended up the other way around. Old Hollywood Actress - Lana Turner Lana Turner was 5 foot 3 inches tall and had a bust size of 34. [97] During her early pregnancy, she filmed the comedy Marriage Is a Private Affair, in which she starred as a carefree woman struggling to balance her new life as a mother. [99] The marriage was annulled by Turner four months later upon discovering that Crane's previous divorce had not yet been finalized. Sometimes they come from the costume designers themselves, such as Adrian. Turner wore 34C bra size and weighed 128 pounds. [60] She was then cast in a supporting part as a "sympathetic bad girl" in Calling Dr. Kildare (1939), MGM's second entry in the Dr. Kildare series. In an interview, Turner said: "I even go running around in the jungles of New Zealand in a dress that's filthy and ragged. [281] She was suffering from an alcohol addiction that had begun in the late 1950s,[270] was missing performances and weighed only 95 pounds (43kg). Lanas parents parted ways when she was six, and her father was found dead soon after the family moved to San Francisco. The detectives advised Stompanato to leave and escorted him out of the house and to the airport, where he boarded a plane back to the U.S.[203], On the evening of March 26, 1958, Turner attended the Academy Awards to observe her nomination for Peyton Place and present the award for Best Supporting Actor. [41] While in the shop, she was spotted by William R. Wilkerson, publisher of The Hollywood Reporter. "[152], During this period, Turner's personal finances were in disarray, and she was facing bankruptcy. [182] The film, directed by Mark Robson, was adapted from Grace Metalious' best-selling novel of the same name. [76] After completing the film, Turner and co-star Garland remained lifelong friends, and lived in houses next to one another in the 1950s. The woman rose from the dust and made an empire for herself! [9][33] Turner subsequently attended the Convent of the Immaculate Conception[10] in San Francisco, hoping to become a nun. "[337], Because of the intersections between Turner's high-profile, glamorous persona, and storied, often troubled personal life, she is included in critical discussions about the Hollywood studio system, specifically its capitalization on its stars' private travails. Not so Lana. Lana Turner Blog "[108] Critic Anita Loos praised Turner's performance in the film, writing: "Lana Turner typifies modern allure. acey ty christopher longley,

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